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Best compass

Think of a person being dropped in the middle of an ocean and told to get home. He might have a great ship with great maps and the best compass. But if he doesn’t know where he is, how can he know in which direct to go? His tools are useless. The same applies to your financial journey.

So it’s important that we begin by helping you organize your thoughts, your principles, your values, your priorities, timelines, your assets and what is truly important about achieving any priorities. After all, this is not merely about money, but more about what you want money to do for you. It’s your reason for being in our office to begin with. So let’s invest the time to help you learn exactly where you are. Out of that organization emerges a vision of where you want to be. And like a ship’s captain, we’ll develop a very detailed map. You can see one below. After consulting for many years, we unfortunately find people consistently being influenced more by busyness and external noise than by what is truly important to them. They are stunned to realize how much of their precious time and energy is diverted to things that aren’t on their list of what’s really important in their life’s journey. Our hope is that you will rediscover that the “Why” of your journey is much more important than the “How”. When you are focused on the “Why,” your list of priorities change, your energy changes, your attention changes, your intention changes. For most people,that’s a life changing epiphany.

It’s a complimentary first visit because we want to deliver the value of clarity to you, whether you become a client or not. Hopefully, you will leave that first meeting with such clarity of purpose and vision that you will want to continue working toward accomplishing your wishes. If you are married, you must attend this initial meeting with your spouse. This is very important. It’s amazing how often we meet with couples who have never heard their spouse express what is truly important to them about financial freedom.

When you have a list of compelling “Why’s”, you’ll feel a strong need to determine “What to do” and “When to do it”. We will help you then move to the next stage which is Prioritize.


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