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You’ve come to the right place. To learn more about what our financial advisors in Glendale can offer you, schedule your complimentary Cornerstone Vissions™ Strategy Session today. Advisory Group West’s strategic financial planning can provide you with the tools to help build a present and future that aligns with your values.


Services We Provide

As a full-service financial advisor, we provide the services that can help you protect your nest egg, effectively diversify your investments, create strategies for lifetime income and successful business succession, and more. Our financial advisors provide their services to clients in the Glendale area, including high income and affluent investors with advanced planning needs. Schedule a complimentary strategy session, today!


First things, first.

Asset protection is foundational. Help protect your plans from being derailed by unpredictable impulses, expenses, and surprises, by “right-sizing” coverage strategies. Included at a minimum, is the dovetailing of savings, reserves, lines of credit, insurance analysis/audits, income protection, survivor income protection, maximizing Social Security benefits, and reducing elder care costs.

You can breathe easier when assets are protected. Learn more about our asset protection services.


Aligning your investments with your priorities is next.

Appropriate asset allocation with the timeline of each project, managing risks, taxes, and meeting your terms and conditions for the journey, all increase the likelihood of accomplishing your goals on time.

Learn how to consistently make productive investment choices, and speak to a financial planning professional from our team in Glendale today.


Where the rubber meets the road.

It’s easy to underestimate what it takes to deliver dependable cash flow for a potentially 35 year “vacation.” You can run out of money by not taking a clear account of health, inflation, taxes, liquidity, flexibility, market volatility, political surprises, and all things you didn’t know to expect in your plan.

What you’ll value most is our asking questions you didn’t consider. Learn more about our retirement planning services.


If it was worth building, is it worth preserving?

Preserving a lifetime’s work isn’t just for the rich and famous. And comprehensive estate planning isn’t just getting wills and trusts. You can learn how the lack of coordination between the disposition of personal assets, real estate assets, pension assets, life insurance & annuities and finally business entities, causes more issues that you’ve imagined.

The difference between doing something and doing it well should make a world of difference to you.

Learn how more advanced estate planning can enhance your life’s work, and speak to our professional advisors today.


The emotional and financial transition for your “baby” is often complex.

Especially if a legacy is important to you. Compatibility with the buyer alone is often a challenge. The meeting of the minds and hearts on valuation methods, an agreeable price and terms, conditions for key remaining people, tangible versus intangible assets, etc.—with seldom a chance for a do over.

Learn more about how we can help protect your legacy with a thoughtful business succession plan today.

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